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M4 dejtingsajt

m4 dejtingsajt

the north-eastern fringe of Staines at TQ047718) I saw the following species: Meadow Brown, Common Blue. The number of butterflies was extremely good obviously helped by the spell of fine weather with several Silver-washed Fritillaries, Meadow Browns, Marbled Whites, Ringlets and Speckled Woods Philip Woodward 30 Jun Bower Heath near Harpenden. Right at the end of the walk I spotted another new species for the year - a Holly Blue flying around a large Holly tree Dave Miller 17 Apr Warmer but blustery day but saw a Red Admiral amongst the usual butterflies on the Gutteridge. 1 Peacock nectaring on buddleia at at Dalrymple Close, N14 at 13:46 hrs. 1 Scarce Silver-lines at asda Southgate at 01:10 hrs - first record for the site! I also saw Yellow Shell, Lesser treble-Bar and Silver-ground Carpet moth Chris Hilling 27 Aug Hounslow. Trying to confirm a Red Admiral I found myself looking instead at an orange butterfly and, thankfully before noting "Comma I had time to spot distinctly non-ragged wings and identify my first ever Silver-washed Fritillary. 1 Knot Grass at asda Southgate this afternoon Robert Callf 23 Jul Walking my Knebworth Woods transect yielded very few skippers but I found a Small Skipper with white patches, at the bottom end of the meadow at Norton Green Common Peter Clarke 23 Jul. There was an excellent selection of butterflies to enjoy: Small White (10, and more like 50 Green-veined White (3 Large White (2 Speckled Wood (10 Meadow Brown (10 Marbled White (10 Ringlet (10 Small Heath (10 Comma (3 Small Tortoiseshell (3 Purple Hairstreak (10) including. TQ 09 86, Railway depot hedgeline, 8 Small Copper, 1 Small Heath, 1 Brown Argus, 1 Speckled Wood and a Common Blue. 1 Large White, 1 Small White, 1 Orange-tip male, 1 Green-veined White - fields NW of Ickleford TL1731. Did see my first Speckled Woods at Roxbourne Rough and Lake Farm and my first Green-veined Whites at Minet Country Park, all a couple of weeks late this year Paul Busby 18 Apr There were good numbers of Brimstone on the wing today at Purwell.

m4 dejtingsajt

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A dull sun-less afternoon and a rather rushed walk combined to produce much smaller numbers; the most notable sighting was a Box moth on the Marshalling Yards, a long way from any known caterpillar food source. I recorded a total of 19 Small Tortoiseshells, all fast asleep. Highlight was a male Purple Emperor flying up in Bramfield Wood from low down to the top of a young oak and then about 20 minutes later seeing it fly up the ride towards me, circle round and disappear showing its purple wings very clearly. Catherine Beazley Clouded Yellow Scott Chalmers 10 Sep Small Heath ab bipupillata Bob Clift 10 Sep Red Admiral Dave Miller 9 Sep Common Blue Peter Clarke 9 Sep Brown Argus egg Dave Miller 7 Sep Brown Hairstreak Andrew Middleton 6 Sep Brown Hairstreak egg Andrew. A morning's birding also produced a good butterfly list: 1 Purple Hairstreak at Tyttenhanger Farm, 5 Ringlets and 1 Small Skipper at Willows Farm Lake, 10 Marbled White and many Meadow Brown around the site. I then made my first ever visit to Hillbrow, Letchworth. Also present were Silver Y and Burnet moths Chris Hilling 14 Jul Visited Telegraph Hill, Hoo Bit and Hexton Chalk Pit. Details as follows: ephen's Road TW3 2BW: Large White : 1 Holly Blue : 9 Hanworth Road TW4 5LQ: Brimstone : 1 Hounslow Heath: Holly Blue : 1 Green-veined White : 10 Orange-tip : 3 Brimstone : 1 Heath-ex Golf Course: Brimstone : 1 Holly. It feels rather late in the season to see a 'first' but as I meandered amongst the surviving Heather near the railway and tried to ignore the burnt-out car that still sits in one corner I was joined by a Clouded Yellow, the first I've. 6 Small Heath, 2 Speckled Wood, 3 Common Blue (a fraction of the number seen last week 3 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Large Skipper (male, exceptionally bright orange 1 Cinnabar, 1 Burnet Companion Robert Bull 14 Jun Durants Park, Enfield - 1 Purple Hairstreak over ash.

3 Large Skipper at Town Park, Enfield at 19:04 hrs., including at least 2 males Robert Callf 26 Jun 2 Meadow Brown - St Faiths Close, Hitchin David Inward 26 Jun I saw the following butterflies walking through Broxbourne Woods from East car park from. 2 Gold Triangle at asda Southgate Robert Callf 13 Aug 1 Jersey Tiger resting on top of varigated garden form of ivy over handing fence of property on north side of Park Road, Ware. Unfortunately I didn't expect to find one caught by a spider! Therfield Heath (east of the Therfield Road at least 60 Chalkhill Blues were on the wing, including a few females and one mating pair (images provided). Nothing else of note there. We then went to the South Pit where most butterflies were now flying in the afternoon sun. Fortunately vegetation is very sparse here (and sparser still in the drought) so only a small area of Heather had been destroyed beyond the patch under the car. I then went to try another area that had been on my list for some time, at westland green near little hadham, and again looked up in the first canopy gap and saw a male holding territory, gliding and perching around the gap, wish.